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Meet Swara, a nineteen year old teenager who has lost her best friend, and secret crush. Unable to deal with her pain, she flees her city to start life afresh in a new one.

Still, haunted by the memories of her lost mate, she manages to make new friends and things seem to all be going fine until she decides to return home for some quality time with her family. Sounds pretty harmless and fun right? WRONG!

When Swara arrives home she is contacted by her best friend's mum, Mrs. Bose who wants to hand her something. A book. A token which she can hold dear and preserve Karthik's memory with. Sounds like a sweet gesture, till Swara pays her a visit and discovers her real plans.

Mrs. Bose plans to resurrect her son and all she needs is a partner who believes in the cause. Someone who also had a close tie to Karthik and guess who the lucky nominee is?

The ritual is simple ... spill some blood...chant some words... nothing major right... How far would you go to bring your best friend back from the dead? Are the lines between reality and fantasy metres apart or closely blurred? Will Mrs. Bose hold Swara to her promise? Swara is about to find out... and so will you.

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Kaveel Lilmohun

Kaveel Lilmohun
About Author

Kaveel Lilmohun is an author who writes books for a cross target audience of young and new adults.

He writes books in the Horror and Thriller genre under the series name Lilmohorror and Lilmothriller with his debut book being Sinister Spells.

He is also an English Teacher for non native speakers working for an organisation as well as a freelancer. He has worked with a variety of learners around the globe and has a degree in BCom Human Resources Management and a three year Diploma in Public Relations. Other qualifications include several TEFL and Tesol certification. He has also completed writing courses and keeps adding new ones of interest to his list.

Born in a small city in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, he still resides there with his family, dogs and pet bird.

When Kaveel isn't Writing or teaching he spends his time watching movies and listening to music, spending time with family and friends, reading and making new friends from around the world.



Frequently Asked Questions

I started as a fourteen year old teenager, reading books and wondering. What if they ended differently? What if I controlled the endings?
Unfortunately , the manuscripts were lost between crashing PC's, being incomplete and so on.
I got into the habit in Grade 10 during Speech and Drama class. Whilst my acting was okay, many praised one thing .... My writing!
So, I wrote and wrote scripts, something that really didn't feel like hard work for me. WHY? Because it wasn't a job. It was me creating art
Yes, after secondary school. I tried my hand at a book aimed at teenagers but stopped it somewhere halfway.
These were stories that I planned to just show friends or family or maybe even keep them for myself. I wrote because I desired to and didn't have any plans to publish.
Years later I found myself in a lacklustre predicament. Writing came to my mind and I thought why not make it my career...
So, I quit my job and went on to follow my dream without looking back or regrets
Both! It is a stand alone story but yes it is also part of a series of individual stories. The nature of each book will place it either into the category of Lilmohorror or Lilmothriller.
For now the book will be available in Paperback and as an ebook. However, this doesn't mean that I will not consider doing a hardcover version and an audiobook version. It is all dependent on what my readers want.
Why not? The book definitely has room for a part two, all my books do. If there is a demand you will definitely see a part 2,3 and so on.
I have completed seven. Six however need to be edited. Editing does take time though.
Yes, I am working on book eight, nine and ten. I move between them depending on the ideas I get.
No way!

Future Projects

Kaveel Lilmohun

I am currently working on book eight, nine and ten simultaneously. I am at the beginning stages for all three books.
I am currently editing my second book which will fall under the Lilmothriller banner. I am planning to release it sometime in the near future.
In terms of content the second book has been completed. I plan to release a minimum of two books, with a maximum of four books yearly.
For more information keep checking the website as I will be updating it regularly.

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